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Recent News:

Reassurance work from the Humphris group appears on the Psychologist

‘Can reassurance hurt?’, by Zhou & Humphris, appeared on the November issue of the Psychologist.  After examining existing empirical evidence on the relationship between adult reassurance and child distress behaviour, the authors warned medical practitioners and parents of the detrimental consequences of blunt use of reassurance, by highlighting the importance of ...continue

Laidlaw Undergraduate Internship Programme

The Laidlaw Undergraduate Internship Programme in Research and Leadership is founded thanks to the generous donation from The Rt Hon Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay, an honorary graduate of the University. This exciting new programme is aimed at equipping students with the skills and values to become leaders in their chosen occupations ...continue

Dr Ozakinci appointed as an Associate Editor at the Journal of Behavioural Medicine

Dr Gozde Ozakinci will start as an Associate Editor at the Journal of Behavioral Medicine as of January 2015. Prof Alan Christensen from University of Iowa will be the new Editor of the Journal. The Journal covers prevention, treatment and rehabilitation practices and all areas of behavioural medicine research (e.g., epidemiology, ...continue