University of St Andrews

Recent News:

Bioinformatics mini-symposium

On the afternoon of 21st January the University of St Andrews Bioinfomatics Unit ( hosted a mini-symposium in the School of Medicine.  The event was attended by over 40 people from five different Schools as well as colleagues from the James Hutton Institute, and was organized to highlight bioinformatics research ...continue

Lancet series of paper on 'ending preventable stillbirth'

This week saw the launch of the Lancet series of papers on ‘ending preventable stillbirth’. The five papers show how  relative to other health gains globally there has been slow progress on stillbirth prevention, leaving parents of 2.6 million babies suffering in silence each year. Notably, half of all stillbirths ...continue

International Workshop

Professor Candace Currie has been invited to participate in an international workshop hosted by The School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences and Aix-Marseille University on 28-30 January 2016 entitled 'Interdisciplinary Challenges in Wellbeing Research: Definitions and Methods'. She will talk on the subject of 'Wellbeing in adolescents: meanings and sociocultural differences'. The workshop ...continue